Heaven and Earth Art Exhibit Archive

In collaboration with Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council, the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) orchestrated an exhibition of temporary artwork in the forest of Carkeek Park from 2009 to 2018.

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Heaven and Earth 1: 2009

Heaven and Earth 2: 2010

Heaven and Earth 3: Cycles of Return 2011

Heaven and Earth 4: Rootbound 2012

Heaven and Earth 5: Acclimatized 2013

Heaven and Earth 6: As Above, So Below 2014

Heaven and Earth 7: Propagation 2015

Heaven and Earth 8: Wild Germination 2016

Heaven and Earth 9: Cultivate(d) 2017

Heaven and Earth 10: Flourish 2018 (no archive)

From Heaven and Earth 9: Cultivate(d)

Ted Larson, artist

Our Borders

Our Borders is a statement about our national borders being an open fence celebrating our multinational immigrant culture. The symbolic fire element (match sticks) portrays the passion to keep our borders open to receive new people seeking a better quality of life in keeping with the hopes and values of the American Dream. The match theme also embodies holding up a light to our coastline illuminating the way.