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Master Gardeners Participate in Earth Day at Carkeek Park

The Carkeek Park Demonstration Gardeners participated in Earth Day, April 23, with a Master Gardener Clinic Table, Children’s Activity- Roots and Shoots, and Garden Tours. We joined other Carkeek Park volunteers for the Earth presentations of a Pipers Orchard project, a Forest Restoration project, and a Salmon release that evening.

The event covered 4 hours- 11:00-3:00 on a beautiful sunny day.

Pictured here are Kathy Pendras, Anne Seidel, Drexie Malone, and Ann Swiatkiewicz.

Carkeek Gardens at the Master Gardener Volunteer Fair

The Carkeek Gardens have been a recognized as a Master Gardener demonstration garden for less than one year (July, 2015) and the Garden Stewards were happy to respond to the invitation to present the Gardens to the new class this year.

This month, March 2016, Carkeek Gardens were represented for the first time at the Master Gardener Volunteer Fair. After each training class, new intern Master Gardeners are recruited to work their 45 hours/year at various demonstration gardens throughout the city and county; there are more than a dozen volunteer gardens or areas.

From 17 sign-up names, we have actually scheduled two Master Gardener interns to work with us this spring!

Drexie Malone and Kathy Pendras were stationed at the display table as many interns approached to sign our volunteer sheet. We showed many native plants that were in bloom already this year, and used display boards to show the extent of the Gardens.