Salmon survey volunteers

Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project

The Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP) is known for running the salmon programs in Carkeek Park. CWCAP does much more than just salmon. CWCAP was founded in 1979 as a logical response to the 1972 Clean Water Act. CWCAP uses education in action to promote clean water for the health and safety of salmon, Piper’s Creek watershed, community, and Puget Sound.

CWCAP is a 100% volunteer organization. All of our work is performed by volunteers and provides volunteer opportunities for the public. Many of our volunteers, including children, have gone on to careers in fields such as biology, ecology, earth sciences as well as environmental education and activism. Our volunteers interact with thousands of park visitors each year providing unique educational opportunities.

Along with our salmon programs, including the fall Salmon Survey and the imprint pond in late winter and early spring, we also perform water quality testing within the watershed testing the water of at least five of the watersheds streams. We also provide naturalists to school groups and other organizations wishing to learn more about salmon, water quality, and watersheds and are founding members and partners in the Carkeek Park Salmon Stewards Program.

Besides our work with salmon and water quality within the park, CWCAP was an early supporter of the Salmon in the Schools – Seattle (SISS) program, starting back in 1990 when it was known as Salmon in the Classroom and consisted of two schools. We currently are part of the SISS leadership team providing technical and educational support and volunteers. We are also founding members of the Seattle Watershed Alliance, made up of volunteer organizations around Seattle dedicated to education and the restoration and protection of our urban streams through better watershed management.

Programs and volunteer opportunities

  • Salmon Imprint Pond (late January to early May)
  • Salmon Surveys (late October to early December)
  • Carkeek Park Salmon Stewards (late October to early December)
  • Salmon in the Schools – Seattle (October through April)
  • Water Quality Testing (year round)
  • CWCAP Nature Guides (year-round)
  • Special Projects and program support (year-round)
  • Beaver Benefactors (year-round)

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