Call for Curators at Carkeek Park

Heaven & Earth IX (2017):

Application deadline is March 19, 2017.

IMAGE: Rodger Squirrell, Shoreview Larvae, 2016-2017; Photo by David Francis.

In collaboration with Seattle Parks and Recreation and Associated Recreation Council, the Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC) seeks a curator or curatorial team to manage various aspects of the ongoing environmental art exhibition in Carkeek Park known as Heaven & Earth. Emerging and established curators with exhibition experience, including outdoor temporary installations, are encouraged to apply. In recognition of the significant time commitment (estimated at 40 hours at $45/hr; see list below), CPAC will provide a curatorial honorarium of $1,800.

With the guidance of CPAC members, Curators research the park, develop a title and theme, issue a call, assist with install and de-install, consult with a jury panel, and reach out to underrepresented artists . The budget for the exhibition (in addition to the curator’s honorarium) is set at $5,000, generously provided by CPAC, which will fund five finalists $1,000 each for the successful installation and de-installation of artwork.

The exhibition runs August 5 – Nov. 3 with installation beginning July 22. The curator application deadline is March 19, 2017.

Curatorial duties:

  • Create thematic rubric, write and post call for art, press release (2 hours)
  • Work with CPAC, SPR, ARC (CPAC representative: David Francis) (5 hours)
  • Develop outreach plans that includes diverse artists, diverse communities and cultures (2 hours)
  • Sit as a consultant on the artist selection committee (2 hours plus prep)
  • Handle artists’ correspondence (10 hours)
  • Coordinate, monitor, and assist with installation and de-installation (12 hours)
  • Attend opening reception and introduce artists (2 hours)
  • Curatorial statement, 750 words (2 hours)
  • Assist with web map / website, signage, and other information (3 hours)
  • Estimated 40 hours @ $45/hr = $1,800

The organizers seek unique curatorial proposals that fit in to Carkeek Park’s urban forest landscape: artwork that challenges the way people interact with art and the environment, creates opportunities for park visitors to experience the unexpected, and explores non- traditional mediums.


  • Submit curatorial application online by March 19, 2017
  • Contact Information
  • Curatorial Resume
  • Curatorial Statement: 1-2 page statement outlining curatorial proposal, referencing list of responsibilities, resources
  • Images: submit individual work sample images (4 minimum up to 8) of previous exhibitions in JPEG format; largest dimension no larger than 1820 pixels in either direction; file names should be numbered, and labeled with title and curator’s name.  Images must be individual JPEGS, not embedded in a PowerPoint or other presentation program
  • Descriptions: submit work sample descriptions; include titles of exhibitions, venues, dates, artists, and role of applicant

Please Note:

  • Submit curatorial applications by March 19, 2017
  • Sites 4, 7, 9, 11, and 12 are available for the 2017 art placements
  • For your information, sample Call for Art suggestions can be found on the Artist Trust Opportunities website.
  • Questions or to submit via email:
    • To submit your curatorial application by email, you must include each of the elements listed above that are required for an online application


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