Jane, Volunteer Interview

The forest of Carkeek Park was initially a woods to get through to get down to the beach. The trail weren’t very good then and while I could find my way down, I usually took the road back up. The Park and Trails have changed a lot over the years and I eventually realized that there was a lot to learn. 

The Master Forester Class offered by the Park has been a wonderful introduction to the great variety of plant life and how it all works together. This group then became an avenue for me to give back to this terrific Seattle asset.

Along the way, I have acquired a few favorite plants, both specific ones and plant types. My favorite rhody along the South Ridge Trail, the red flowering currant that I planted and is still making a go of it, and the lovely shape of the Large Leaf Avens are things I  look for as I walk through the Park.

Working to restore the Park’s health and beauty is refreshing, but even more so because I have met  other people of similar interests. It has been fun to make discoveries together and to look at what we have been able to accomplish. Sometimes the progress is quite slow and small, but there are other projects, like the Fern Glen Trail that are significant. I take some pride in the trail portion I have been assigned to maintain. 

It’s still a great walk to the beach, but I spend a lot more time in the forest now as I have come to appreciate the effort and the struggle each plant makes to survive.