Heaven and Earth Outdoor Art Exhibitions

Heaven & Earth X (2018): Flourish

August 20 – October 21, 2018

Guest-curated by ArtSite Ltd

Exhibition Coordinated by Seattle Parks & Recreation, the Associated Recreation Council, and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council.

Winning submissions from Heaven & Earth 9 (2017)

The Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC) and Seattle Parks and Recreation invite proposals for placement of up to eight temporary outdoor artworks in Carkeek Park, an approximately 190-acre urban forest located in NW Seattle, from August 20-October 21st, 2018 . The deadline for submissions is July 11, 2018; there is no fee to apply.

.For the tenth season of the ongoing series, the organizers have selected ArtSiteLtd, a professional sculpture installation team, as curator.

As curators of the Carkeek Heaven and Earth IV sculpture show, we chose to develop a theme that sparked imagination and to provide a range of interpretation. The park provides a natural setting, on a bluff, with meandering trails throughout and serves as a community center for organizations, friends and family picnics. Several sites were assigned that are intimate, exposed or provided an introduction into the park and possible wonderment of ‘is that art’ in the trees?

We settled on the theme of “Flourish

Imagine – what would it take for our world to flourish without conflict and destruction? What would a flourishing world and environment look like? What does it look like to nurture the environment, our communities, and the result? A flourishing community sounds like each individual contributes encouraging a thriving bountiful rich existence to the larger whole.

On a more micro scale consider living organisms and the result of optimal conditions to flourish to maximum potential to live a strong, healthy and balanced life. Or areas where species once flourished – what is needed to thrive again?

Alternatively, one may enter a room, or Carkeek Park, with a flourish garnering a bold object to grab attention. An illustrator may embellish a drawing with a flourish of decorative curves and swirls.

“Flourish” allows a creative narrative with a beginning, middle and result – or any stage or gesture along the path. We invite artists to develop a temporary site specific art work for the Carkeek Park with the intention of visual interpretation of “Flourish”.

An estimated 50,000 people will visit Carkeek Park during the display period. The exhibition is made possible by the Carkeek Park Advisory Council, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Associated Recreation Council.

Sequence of events and deadlines:

  • August 11-19:  Installation. Special arrangements can be made in advance, if needed, to work outside of this window.
  • Sept 15:  Party
  • Oct 21:  Show ends
  • Oct 28:  All art removed

 See links at the bottom of this page or visit http://heavenandearth.carkeekpark.org/ for examples of art that has been showcased during previous Heaven & Earth installations. 

Questions: art@carkeekpark.org


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