Olympic Mountains from Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park Advisory Council


Carkeek Advisory Council (CPAC) is a group of volunteer leaders that work to improve and advocate for Carkeek Park. Advisory Councils are governed by the Associated Recreation Council (ARC), the nonprofit partner to Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) based on a Master Services Agreement

As an Advisory Council, we serve a unique role as an advisor for SPR and ARC and their partnership programs and activities. Beyond meetings, members spend additional time on special projects and events determined by the Council in support of SPR and ARC staff and programs.

The Carkeek Park Advisory Council was first formed to support the Environmental Learning Center, closed in 2013. Another educational building, the Visitors Center, is also closed to the public with the exception of our CPAC meetings. We are the only Seattle Park conducting educational programming without a staffed building to provide comfort, shelter, and a place to gather and learn. 

To voice your concern about our public education buildings, please contact Joy Hollingsworth, Joy.Hollingsworth@seattle.gov, 206-684-8803, Chair of the Parks, Utilities, and Technology Committee.  

Meeting schedule

Please join us for a meeting. Contact us at CPAC@carkeekpark.org

  • Every second Tuesday (except August), 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Our July meeting is our volunteer recognition event
  • Meetings are held at the Visitors Center, 950 NW Carkeek Park Road, with a digital option for those that cannot meet in-person

Current CPAC members

In early 2024 we opted to conduct our meetings with a shared leadership model. Roles are Representative, Facilitator, Scribe, Financial Monitor, and Volunteer Coordinator.  

David Koon

David joined the council in 2013. He has a BS in Natural Resource Management and Ecology and a MS in Wetland Science and Policy. He has spent most of his time on the council supporting the various volunteer groups and advocating for the park and its volunteers. His primary volunteer position in the park is as the Director of Salmon Programs for the Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP). 

Alex Brown

Alex joined the council in 2022. He enjoys trail running and taking photos at the park, and he has volunteered with the forestry, trails, and salmon groups.

Carey Chaplin

Carey joined the council in 2000. He enjoys hiking and running and he has volunteered with the forestry (WEWOS), and trails (STARS) groups.

Drexie Malone

Drexie joined the council in 2013. She has volunteered with the forestry, trails, and Demonstration Gardens since 2011. As a Master Gardener, she works as a liaison between the King County Master Gardener Program, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Carkeek Park Demonstration Gardens.

Sue Jensen

Sue joined the council in 2023. She brings over 30 years as a landscape architect and experience with park and open space design, sustainable trails, project management, and grant preparation. Sue focuses on practical green solutions that foster healthy environments, community interaction, and a sense of place.

Barb Rowan

Barb joined the council in 2024 as webmaster. She retired from a 40-year career in branding and web design and volunteers for the Demonstration Gardens as a year-round gardener, long-term planner, and marketer.